We import more and more waste

We import more and more waste

Since 2015, Poland has tripled the import of waste. In 2018, we imported as much as 434,4 thousand tonnes.

Badly stored, not segregated and, in addition, they burn. In addition, there are more of them year by year. Poland is importing more and more waste, as warns, for example, the daily “Fakt”. The way they are managed poses a threat not only to the environment, but also to the life and health of Poles, the journal wrote. In 2018 Poland imported about 60 thousand tonnes more than in the previous year. It’s a record.

Last year it was 434,4 thousand tonnes, almost three times more than in 2015, when 154 thousand tonnes were imported to Poland. We receive garbage from all over the EU. Most of them come from Germany, but also from Great Britain and Sweden. wrote that we collect garbage that even the Chinese do not want. Australians find it profitable to send garbage to Poland.

The garbage is stored poorly. They are not segregated and, in addition, they burn, which threatens the life and health of Poles and degrades the environment – “Fakt” alerts. In turn, the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection considers the record import of rubbish to be “an increase in demand for the raw material. It is a positive economic parameter, not an environmental problem”.