Starting production in a few months

Starting production in a few months

GRAN-TECH, thanks to its own unique technology and many years of experience, offers a unique service in the form of launching the production of new products in just a few months.

It is possible thanks to modern technical facilities and a team of experienced production workers and constructors.

Mass production in just few months
The products are made strictly according to the specifications provided by the customer. GRAN-TECH will adapt the production infrastructure and instrumentation to it, as well as adjust the logistics process taking into account the needs and requirements of the client.   

The new product implementation program is divided into several stages: the technology preparation and implementation phase, the prototyping phase and the serial production phase.

From an idea to a finished product

GRAN-TECH also develops completely new products to order. Starting from the preparation of a graphic design and technical drawing, through visualization in 3D technology, to the implementation of prototypes and production tests.

The company cooperates with experienced toolmakers and has an extensive construction base. This enables quick implementation of a new pattern and construction of molds.

New products are created in a comprehensive process in constant communication with the customer. Starting from the initial idea, through the design with visualization, construction documentation, 3D model production, to the creation of molds and production of the finished product.

GRAN-TECH in short:

  • the company’s products meet the highest European standards of the REACH regulation and in terms of the permissible content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
  • products are made of semi-finished products obtained from 100% recycled tires
  • production starts within a few months.